The essential cutting tool for any outdoor excursion!

The Sven-Saw is ideal for camping, scouting, canoe trips, backpacking, hunting, picnics, snowmobiling, ATVing and general use around the home. Makes a wonderful gift!

Handy Leather Thong

Slip the included leather thong through the hole in the handle, tie a knot, and your Sven-Saw is suddenly easier to store when not in use! Hang it on a tree… secure it to your pack… or hang it in your garage. Just don't forget where you left it hanging!

To Disassemble your Sven-Saw

1Remove wingnut…

Easy to use folding Camp Saw

2Remove handle… blade pivots into back-bar-sheath…

Sven Saw Campsaw with best steeel blade.


3Insert backbar into handle, secure with wingnut at bottom.

Compact, easy to use camp saw.

4Your other equipment is safe from the hidden blade!

Folding camp saw made in USA.


To Assemble your Sven-Saw

Reverse disassembly instructions above.

Using the Sven-Saw

Best lightweight camp saw