The essential cutting tool for any outdoor excursion!

The Sven-Saw is ideal for camping, scouting, canoe trips, backpacking, hunting, picnics, snowmobiling, ATVing and general use around the home. Makes a wonderful gift!

Handy Leather Thong

Slip the included leather thong through the hole in the handle, tie a knot, and your Sven-Saw is suddenly easier to store when not in use! Hang it on a tree… secure it to your pack… or hang it in your garage. Just don't forget where you left it hanging!

To Disassemble your Sven-Saw

1Remove wingnut…

2Remove handle… blade pivots into back-bar-sheath…


3Insert backbar into handle, secure with wingnut at bottom.

4Your other equipment is safe from the hidden blade!


To Assemble your Sven-Saw

Reverse disassembly instructions above.

Using the Sven-Saw