21″ Meat Saw Blade


Over the years, we’ve had a few requests for a meat/bone blade, so now you can order one for your 21″ saw!  Made of the same hardened Swedish steel in Sweden, of the same quality you’ve come to expect of Sven-Saw® blades.  10 teeth per inch for a smoother cut.

Keep in mind that most people have done fine using their standard Sven-Saw blade for this purpose.

As Frank (the most recent to ask about a meat/bone blade) later wrote: “I ended up using the standard blade on the Sven-Saw on my first ever Colorado elk! It worked like a charm for processing.”

If, however, you want to keep a separate Sven-Saw in your hunting gear for processing game, then this is the blade for you.


Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 21 × 1.5 × .68 in