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Over the decades, we’ve heard countless stories from happy Sven-Saw owners. We can’t get enough of stories like these, so we’d love to hear yours and to share them here.

Truly one of the finest products I've ever bought in my life. (bought in 1968, still using it)

Charles K.| New York

I was first introduced to the Sven Saw by my Grandfather in the late 70s at the camp him and my Grandmother ran in North Westrn New Jersey in the Kitattiny mountains, it was his "Light duty saw" he used it for limbing, clearing small limbs and trees when he was hunting or for our wild campsites firewood. I later used one in Boy Scouts as each of our patrol boxes had one they were always reliable. I bought my own when I was 14 a 21 inch because scout didn't always take our patrol boxes and I was doing more hiking and camping on my own outside of scouts. When I joined the military I left my saw with my grandparents. After a while of I found that in my military duties and in my private time a saw would be handy a lot of my my friends the military and my fellow soldiers had various saws from folding to saber, fixed and folding bow saws and believe me I tried them all and hated them. So I bought another Sven Saw I have now had that saw 30 years the red is worn off and it's gone through 3 blades it has traveled the world, fought, hiked, kayaker, hunted, explored and camped with me in Germany, Japan, Australia, Alaska, Washington, Virginia, Texas, Colorado, Idaho, California, New Jersey, Maine, Kansas, Bosnia, Iraq, Afganistan it has fought wildfires made shelters helped keep me warm and safe and it looks it and it is, probably time to retire it as the handle has picked up a slight warp that causes the beam to have to be forced in while putting it away. As for my Original Svan saw My Grandpa died 12 years ago from cancer he still had it and had it in a box for me with a note say this is Davy's 'and that saw went to my eldest son who is currently having his own adventures as a young adult. I have no doubt he has the best possible but I made him promise me that that saw get passed down to my first Grandchild I sent him another one for this Christmas to ensure it. As for mine well. Eventually I'll retire it it still works and it has earned its character and it is still better than all these other saws people keep getting me to try over the years. I have now had Sven saws in my life for 42 yrs and will for the rest of my life.

David| Currently in the Midwest

I just wanted to say that I purchased your 21 inch saw that I used to cut down our Christmas tree from the backcountry, I had the tree down before my partner could even start recording. It is an absolute beast!! It is a great product and I will be recommending and purchasing for friends.


Alexander| UT

The story of how I came to own a Sven Saw goes like this:

I first used a Sven Saw during a solo, two night, Bushcraft outing in February of 2018 here in the Bavarian Alps. We had about 75cm snow that year (around two feet) and sub zero temperatures (single digits Fahrenheit.) I borrowed the saw from a friend who had bought hers on a trip to the USA in 2015.

My plan was to take only minimal gear: a wool blanket roll, a canvas ground sheet, a small canvas tarp, some natural cordage, a knife, a small shovel, a ferro rod, food, metal canteen with cup, and the clothes/boots I was wearing.

I planned to have a “long fire” to keep warm, cook, and melt snow for water. Thus, I knew I would need to be able to make a good amount of fire wood in longer thicker lengths.

I was very glad to have that Sven Saw!

It made the work of felling trees and bucking logs much easier than it would have been with the small Fiskars folding, hand saw that I usually carry. I was also able to fell larger diameter trees which was essential. The Sven Saw saved me a huge amount of effort and caloric burn which is key in any survival situation where there is a high degree of risk of hypothermia due to weather, exertion, and hydration loss.

Since that trip I have borrowed and tried out other similar length and weight camping and backpacking saws. The Sven saw performed better than any of them. So, when I decided this year that I was going to buy a new saw for myself and I was looking for a bit of an upgrade, I automatically bought a Sven Saw.

Allyson| Germany

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