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Over the decades, we’ve heard countless stories from happy Sven-Saw owners. We can’t get enough of stories like these, so we’d love to hear yours and to share them here.

My adventure with the saw is that I have been thinning trees and brush out of the back of our property. Using the saw I can cut down an 8" tree. If the tree is bigger I use my axe and the saw. I have managed to refuse getting a chain saw. At 70 I relish the opportunity for the exercise and I get immense satisfaction in doing things in an 'old-fashioned' way! (Plus it is much quieter!)

Alan| Tennessee

My Sven Saw was given to me as a gift by my wife nearly 30 years ago. This saw has been an amazing tool both for cutting firewood while camping and trimming branches on our trails around the house. The saw blade is amazingly effective, even after all these years. The foldability allows me to take it backpacking and canoe camping. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!

Wil| Beaver Island, MI

I used to struggle with my folding handsaw while backpacking. After one trip out with my dad and his Sven-Saw, I was sold. I had to get my own. I love this saw. Makes quick work of fallen trees, cutting the time we used to spend gathering wood in half. I’ll never enter the woods without this in my backpack.

Bradley| Texas

I ended up using the standard blade on the Sven Saw on my first ever Colorado elk! It worked like a charm for processing. Thanks for such a great, convenient, and reliable product! I had it in my pack the whole time, and nearly forgot it was there because it is so light!

Frank| Pennsylvania

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