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Over the decades, we’ve heard countless stories from happy Sven-Saw owners. We can’t get enough of stories like these, so we’d love to hear yours and to share them here.

It is a great little saw. We were once traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway and a tree fell blocking the road. Our camper was 3 cars back. I looked at the tree and walked back and got out the saw. When I returned the people standing around the tree said “what are you going to do with that, you need a chain saw”. I told them to help pull away what I cut. In about 15 minutes we had one lane clear and we were on our way. I always carry it in the vehicle when traveling

Wayne| Lancaster, OH

Love my 21” Sven-Saw. I’ve been on the first blade for over 14 years and it is still very sharp.

Anthony| BCWA.com

I’ve used a few camp saws over the years and this one is the best I've used so far. Packs up small, cuts well (good blade) and allows for decent size logs to be cut, at least with the 21" saw. Reasonably priced and made in the USA. My buddy has one and after 3 trips with it I bought one myself.

Gary| 24HourCampfire.com

We had a big windstorm, but I didn’t even know anything had fallen down on our property. I was reading and enjoying a glass of late-afternoon Chardonnay. Two strapping young lads pulled up and asked if I wanted them to clear the tree from our driveway. I went out to see the damage, and I told them, “You’ve come to the wrong place! I have a Sven-Saw.  Let me show you how I can do this.” They looked at me and seemed to think, “How can such a petite, middle-aged woman take care of this big tree?” I pulled out my Sven-Saw and showed them how easily I could cut through even big logs simply by turning them around as I was sawing. I had it all done before dinner. My husband didn’t even notice when he came home, as everything had already been cleaned up and moved out of the way. The young boys with their chainsaw left, vowing that the first thing they’d do is buy themselves Sven-Saws.

Kristin| Charlottesville, Virginia

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